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The task of government is to empower the private sector in new space

Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade said: the duty of the government in this period, Supporting the development of private sector and taking advantage of the created conditions and help to empower the private sector.

"new3 Shata" reports: Mr Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh in the fourth meeting of the delegation of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines with the presence of the first vice president Dr Jahangiri held, added: the task of economic activists that shall look to its space with national vision, national development and public interest. 

He added: interests of firms and individuals are certainly involved in this regard but if we notice to its own interests, the national interests will certainly disappear.
Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh reiterated: chambers related to the Parliament and committees can be effective, and we stand by your side.
He explained: in our country, only 5% distribution through chain stores while in other countries the figure is over 50 percent.
He said that one-third of our guils is still not permitted even in the simple sale of domestic distribution in commerce and the mining industry needs to be investigated.

Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh said: with the new terms, a number of media and writers expressed their worries about the situation that may happen for the current market so if we haven't clear policy ,it certainly occurs.
Nematzadeh, pointing to the joint venture and said: both foreigners and we should be involved in each market plus part of our productions must be committed to export in order to 30% of enhancement of production is caused with new partners in this collaboration.
He added: we should be able to expand its technology, research and development and makes brands also our copartner must cooperate to make new brands that be fortified and we also use the facilities and external resource .
Nematzadeh also emphasized : helping to the New mineral discoveries using the equipment of foreign partners, design and manufacture of mining machinery, development of joint ventures in industrial activities, creating the strong exporting companies in the field of trade and establishment of chain stores valid to using of this space in the section of Industry, Mine and Trade.
He added: using talks with foreign delegations and creation of basic facilities and removal of obstacles in order to create space for private sector activities.
Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade, pointing referring to the removal of barriers to competitive production,said: the government quickly are approving regulations. that several of its were approved last night that one of them is relevant on how to settle currency reserve that the final reforms were done and notified.

About Company

PooyaCoke Sepahan Company

PooyaCokeSepahan Company is founded by Mr Daryoush Ekhtyari with the aim of supplying primary Metallurgical materials such as Metallurgical Coke, Ferrosilice, Ferromanganese in 1997.
It is worth noting that the first phase of the FerroMolybdenum plant launched in a land with area 11000 sqm in km.55 th of Isfahan-Shiraz road at Razi Industrial Estate in 2009.
He succeded to receive utilization license from Ministry of Industries and Mines of Iran-Isfahan in 2010.
Despite this important, the second phase of the plant with annual production capacity adequate to 1000 tones MolybdenumOxide and FerroMolybdenum launched successfully.
Mr Daryoush Ekhtyari has currently engaged in a variety of organizations such as member of Molybdenum producers and exporters association , member of Isfahan Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines & Agriculture, member of Ministry of Industries and Mines of Iran- Isfahan and several other organizations.
PooyaCokeSepahan Company, with team over 30 specialists and experts, advanced technology and with relying on Iran's determination, is Isfahan's leading FerroMolybdenum producer and exporter.

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