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Positive outlook for industrial cooperation between Iran and Italy/ Active presence in international markets is Iran's target

Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade aimed to evaluate the prospects of positive cooporation between two countries, said Italy is the second European country in the field of construction industrial equipment. And he added that the two countries could create a joint cooperation  in the new fields of industrial, Oil, Gas, steel plant,  Automotive Industry , Tiles, Ceramic and Agriculture and …

new1Shata reports, Iran's Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade Mohammad-Reza Nematzadeh and Federica Guidi, Italy's Minister for Economic Developement, In a joint press conference on the bilateral meeting, underlined to expand the economic and industrial cooperation between the two countries.Iran's Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade said Italy's minister for Economic Development at the forefront of high-ranking delegation of Italian companies, several banks and Director of its insurance has come to Tehran to estimate fields of cooperation between the two countries.

Federica Guidi, Pointing to records of historical and industrial cooperation between the two countries, added: economic and industrial cooperation between the two countries will be in the form of mutual venture and technology transfer.
Mohammad-Reza Nematzadeh reiterated:This year's Milan Expo, as an opportunity to strengthen the economic ties between the two countries and by opening our pavilion in Milan Expo to introduce Iran's ancient culture and economic capabilities.

He also outlined new policies in collaboration with prestigious Italian companies in various fields, said Iran has a huge advantage and the our main advantages, The educated young generation who are capable to work and notably with the wealth of human and natural resources, so our country will be the best place for Italian investors.
Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade added Iran could be meet to its needs even in terms of sanctions, so our goal is to have an active presence in foreign markets.
He said Italy have a special and privileged status to our country that can be considered to be one of the main partners of Islamic Republic of Iran with economic and commercial exploitation.
Italy's Minister for Economic Development noted:Italy have extensive cooperation with Iran in the public and private sectors and has always been one of Iran's strongest trade partners.
Federica Guidi said: pointing to a remarkable capacity in the two countries, keen to expand economic and commercial ties.
She noted: Not only in big industries,We are ready to cooperate in both small and medium industries and also create branches Especially in the segment industries in Iran.
Italy's minister for Economic Development added : We are ready to host Iranian craftsmen and tradesmen in Italy plus the relations between the two countries should be long-term and win-win.

About Company

PooyaCoke Sepahan Company

PooyaCokeSepahan Company is founded by Mr Daryoush Ekhtyari with the aim of supplying primary Metallurgical materials such as Metallurgical Coke, Ferrosilice, Ferromanganese in 1997.
It is worth noting that the first phase of the FerroMolybdenum plant launched in a land with area 11000 sqm in km.55 th of Isfahan-Shiraz road at Razi Industrial Estate in 2009.
He succeded to receive utilization license from Ministry of Industries and Mines of Iran-Isfahan in 2010.
Despite this important, the second phase of the plant with annual production capacity adequate to 1000 tones MolybdenumOxide and FerroMolybdenum launched successfully.
Mr Daryoush Ekhtyari has currently engaged in a variety of organizations such as member of Molybdenum producers and exporters association , member of Isfahan Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines & Agriculture, member of Ministry of Industries and Mines of Iran- Isfahan and several other organizations.
PooyaCokeSepahan Company, with team over 30 specialists and experts, advanced technology and with relying on Iran's determination, is Isfahan's leading FerroMolybdenum producer and exporter.

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