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The implementation of the mining cadastre is examples of the protection of citizens' rights

Deputy of developement management, recources and provincial affairs said: One of the most striking example of protecting civil rights in the mining sector, the implementation of the "cadastre plan"  that the miners and  enthusiasts in mining investment could obtain all data and required technical information at shortest time possible.

 new22Shata News reports: Ali Yazdani, in cultural council meeting added: The Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade follows the issue of protection of civil rights and the development of the culture of chastity and the veil.At the session, a report of the performance of Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade in the protection of civil rights over the past year and the first four months of this year was presented.

Following the meeting, Mohammad-Reza Abdollahi ", Director General of Evaluation and responding to complaints , Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade. said: in response to clientele, the notable point is time management that can be said quality services submitted to clientele in shortest time .
He added, by creating an electronic portal, We are able to respond to received letters in the shortest time possible plus to protect citizens' rights , some of the regulations and instructions were modified.
It should be noted at the meeting of representatives of each of the organizations affiliated to the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade for their actions in the field of statistics and also acknowledged their views and suggestions to improve its process.

About Company

PooyaCoke Sepahan Company

PooyaCokeSepahan Company is founded by Mr Daryoush Ekhtyari with the aim of supplying primary Metallurgical materials such as Metallurgical Coke, Ferrosilice, Ferromanganese in 1997.
It is worth noting that the first phase of the FerroMolybdenum plant launched in a land with area 11000 sqm in km.55 th of Isfahan-Shiraz road at Razi Industrial Estate in 2009.
He succeded to receive utilization license from Ministry of Industries and Mines of Iran-Isfahan in 2010.
Despite this important, the second phase of the plant with annual production capacity adequate to 1000 tones MolybdenumOxide and FerroMolybdenum launched successfully.
Mr Daryoush Ekhtyari has currently engaged in a variety of organizations such as member of Molybdenum producers and exporters association , member of Isfahan Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines & Agriculture, member of Ministry of Industries and Mines of Iran- Isfahan and several other organizations.
PooyaCokeSepahan Company, with team over 30 specialists and experts, advanced technology and with relying on Iran's determination, is Isfahan's leading FerroMolybdenum producer and exporter.

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